Computer Games

Below are a couple of concept images for a game I'm working on called 'Professor Moriarty and the Automatons!' and is a steam-punk based action-strategy game akin to Worms.

The images below are that of an initial Automaton idea and a Victorian street scene that they will be clomping through.

KamiCarze is a fully 3D mulitplayer arcade destruction derby/racing game that a group of friends and I developed. During its eight-month development & production time, I took on the roles of Concept Designer and Menu Designer.

Menu's and HUD Designer
For this project, one my roles was that of Menu Designer. With this menu system, I wanted it to really evoke the cartoon feel and have achieved this by basing the menu system around the "Merries Melodies" intro sequence.

Here are some screenshots.

Concept Artist
Another of my roles was that of concept artist. The main focus of this role was to design characters & cars whilst also developing ideas for the film-noir themed City level.

Hexothermic 2.0 

Hexothermic 2.0 is a puzzle game set for release on xBox Live. My role was to design HUDs, Menus and in game assets.
I wanted to invoke the feel of the arcade classics such as Pac-Man, Defender abd Donkey Kong so the style of the HUDs, menus, etc were very much inspired by them.

Here is the main menu screen for the game Hexothermic 2.0.